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Apr 1, 2013 2:00am PDT
in an open car waiving and kissing babies and tenderly embracing a disabled child. president obama delivered easter greetings as he lead the first family to sunday mass as st. john's episcopal church. they worshiped in a number of congregations this washington, d.c. in britain it was a royal easter as queen elizabeth and prince philip attended services in windsor. leaving church the queen was tbreeted by children who -- greeted by children who presented her with flowers. in california the easter bunny dropped in for a visit from 4,000 feet. 40,000 easter eggs came by special air delivery. it was all to the delight of hundreds of eager children who got up close and personal with their favorite rabbit. and in all strail yaw, an easter gorilla? it turns out it is easter at the zoo too. this great ape enjoyed some easter treats moving you can enjoy the holiday just monkeying around. abc news. >> easter celebrations throughout san francisco included the annual sunrise service at the mount davidson cross. thousands gathered on the city's highest peak. across town in the mission district
Apr 4, 2013 1:05am PDT
obama administration impose stricter guidelines. but an aide pledges that tighter controls will be placed on spending for hurricane sandy relief. while making sure people who really need the money get it. jeff zeleny, abc news, washington. >>> all right. the lu lu lemon executive responsible for those revealing workout pants is now out of a job. the extremely sheer yoga pants were taken off the market. the chief product officer will leave her job at lululemon as a result. pulling the pants could cost the retailer $40 million. >> two cousins who have the same birthday all most off to the minute thanks to a brotherly bond. >> they became fathers the very same time and the very same day at the very same hospital. david pierre and his wife went into labor and rushed to the hospital. he texted his brother to see how his wife was doing. >> it turns out that nicholas and his wife were already there. both babies were early. one by a day. the other by nine days. coincidentally, the doctor delivered babies for a set of sisters earlier in the week. >> should be a lot of fun on their birthday
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2